Customise Your Order

Designed by IN-TERIA, the O-Series and Linear Series are made by hand, by master craftspeople, to your specifications.

Our designers have specifically created the range to suit a range of interior styles and applications. You choose the style, the size, the material and the finish, and we have it fabricated for you by our master craftspeople.

We will work with you to ensure the absolute best result for your project.

When you choose an IN-TERIA O-Series or Linear Series handle, you are commissioning a work of art to be created by a master of their craft, just for you. 

The critical choices to make are;-


We have a range of different Profiles or shapes. If you need clarification, give us a call. We have an extensive image gallery and can assist with suggestions and recommendations.  


The standard sizes for each Profile can be found on the individual Product Pages on our website. We can create custom sizes. However, there will be a customisation charge as drawings and templates must be developed.


You get to choose. We don’t have a standard range; however, you may like to check out the most popular species here.

Bear in mind that we live on an island. Other than Tasmanian timber species such as Tasmanian Oak, Tasmanian Blackwood, Myrtle, Huon Pine and Celery Top Pine, all other timber is imported across the Bass Strait.

If we can get it for you within the project timeframe, it can be turned (if relevant), and it meets our environmental and social sustainability requirements. 


We have spent a LOT of time researching and testing finishes. We use the OSMO range of clear finishes. You can find out more about OSMO here. OSMO gives us a beautiful natural finish and has excellent environmental credentials. It can also easily be reapplied in situ, much like a moisturiser.

Your timber handles will need love and care over their lifetime, but the good news is that they are heirloom material.

Our standard finish is Satin. However, we also offer Matte or Gloss.


Each order is made individually. We hand-select the timber for every order. Knowing the approximate quantity of handles required is essential as we can then check our timber supplies (we keep some species in stock) and give you a more accurate indication of likely lead time.


Let us know how you are planning to install your choice of handles. You can find out more about our standard fixings here.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. 


Karryn & Dean


 IN-TERIA Design & Architecture