About Us


Established in 2003 and based in Tasmania, our creative studio focuses on architecture, interiors & objects, with a particular interest in projects of reinvention, adaptation and renewal.


As an important part of our design practice, to keep the creative juices flowing, we dedicate time to simply exploring the possibilities of an idea of our choosing, and our door hardware range started in this way. 

In 2010, we decided to reimagine what timber door hardware could be, given that there was absolutely none/ zero/ zip in the market at that time, and it is no secret that we love the qualities that the material offers ~ beauty, warmth, tactility, workability ~ and how sustainable it can be (not always!).

We had also observed that the skill of woodturning seemed to be at risk of disappearing from our island home. Tasmania is well known for its timber and extraordinary timberwork. We could see that the skills associated with timberwork, including woodturning, were starting to disappear from construction sites and that many woodturners were making homeware items such as bowls, grinders and shakers.

We wanted to know if we could utilise our own design skills to create contemporary architectural items that would employ these traditional skills in new ways before they were lost. Our goal was to renew interest in both the material, timber, and the skill of woodturning. 

From the first four profiles ~ the Big O, the Curvy, the Stealth and the Kaboom ~ the O-Series was born. Since the development of the initial O-Series, the range has certainly grown. It now includes an extensive O-Series catalogue, plus the Linear Series and You-Spin-Me collections. The Serendipity Series and leather inset items feature collaborations with extraordinary artisans. 

Driven by a strong commitment to sustainability, we have reimagined how architectural hardware might be made and sold in order to minimise waste. In response to trend-driven mass production, our products are customisable and made-to-order. As such, 

  • Nothing is made that is not required
  • Care and consideration are given to the colour, tone and grain of the material used for each order 
  • Each order is made together; no items are stock-piled or 'warehoused.' 
  • Our products are made by hand, to order, by highly skilled Makers
  • We keep a record of who has made each order, should another batch be required later, as each Maker has a slightly different 'hand.'
  • We make use of all off-cuts by producing smaller products and through our Kiosk small batch and one-off items
  • Our timber is only sourced from sustainable and waste sources if possible. Our methodology for timber procurement acknowledges and aims to exceed current forestry industry-led standards such as PEFC and FSC. We will refuse to source a species, even if it is certified as sustainably sourced, if it does not meet our environmental and cultural sustainability standards.  

Our products embody our respect for traditional crafts, our curiosity for making, our fascination with technology and materials, and our commitment to simple and functional design.

We hope that our products bring moments of delight to your day-to-day and make a meaningful contribution to your well-made life. 

Karryn & Dean
Co-Captains, IN-TERIA Studio Pty Ltd