From Interia to IN-TERIA™


In April 2022, we officially adopted our hyphen and went from Interia to IN-TERIA™.

Part of this change included a change to our company structure, and we have gone from Interia Architecture & Design Pty Ltd to IN-TERIA Studio Pty Ltd, with two distinct arms ~ IN-TERIA Goods & IN-TERIA Architecture. This distinction is now reflected in the design of our new websites (yes, there are 2!), which have been designed by Tom Clayton and developed by Chris from Brightspire.  

Just in case you were interested in the history of our name, read on.

Karryn registered the business name 'Interia' way back in 2003, when she started out on her own as an interior designer, after 10 years of working for other practices. The name was a play on 'interior' and the addition of the 'i' and the 'a' at the end was a reference to interior architecture, as Karryn studied both Interior Design (and Furniture Design) and Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney. The word 'teria' has connections to 'service' and 'earth'. Interia served well all the way up until early 2022. 

For reasons outside of our control, we were then required to change the way we represent our name. A decision was made which allowed us to continue utilising the version of our name with the hyphen, which has long formed part of our branding and was originally a visual devise designed to assist in distinguishing 'interia' from 'inertia'.

We have always liked the clear graphic definition of the word 'IN', which signals our interest in all things interiors as well as the, potentially, positive affect the built environment can have on the INner space (the human mind).  

So, it is fair to say that all of these changes have not been entirely fun for us, but we are taking it all as a 'learning experience' (not much we can do, really) and are hoping to turn a negative into a positive (plus minus) ~ we are embracing our hyphen, our new name, our new trademark and our new domain. 

 A word of advice, for all our fellow creatives ~ if your business name is not your own name then DO NOT delay and get trademarking it NOW. Do it. Take control and save yourself the costs associated with having to set your business up again, from scratch. 

 So, toodles 'Interia', you served us well, and howdy IN-TERIA™. BYE BYE and HELLO Fingers crossed this change is as good as a fabulous holiday! 

We believe that these changes may actually give IN-TERIA more clarity, through a distinct identity for each side of the business and will allow us to be more creative with the business into the future.

The IN-TERIA team may now have a new name, a new domain, and a shiny new trademark but we are still the same faces, producing the same good stuff. 

A very big, big heartfelt thank you to all those incredible people who, and organisations that, have assisted, and supported, us during this time.

Thank you ALL so much for your ongoing support.

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Karryn & Dean


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